2 Green Birds Boutique

Haley Wigent is the creative force behind Two Green Birds Boutique, a studio based out of Gresham, Oregon, specializing in handmade jewelry and glass art. Haley's passion for glass art started at a young age, learning stained glass techniques from her grandmother. Her love of glass continued to grow and in 2018, she began creating unique stained glass jewelry pieces, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

In 2020, Haley expanded her repertoire to include glass on glass mosaic and vitrigraph, creating a stunning array of pieces that showcase her incredible creativity and attention to detail. Each piece is carefully crafted by hand, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques to achieve her signature style.

Haley named her studio after her two beloved Amazon parrots, Charlieann and Nohea, who are often found keeping her company while she works. The name Two Green Birds Boutique reflects Haley's commitment to creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are as unique as her feathered muses.

Haley's jewelry is made from Vitrigraph glass dots, which give each piece a distinctive and captivating texture. Her stained glass and glass on glass mosaic art incorporate a wide range of colors and patterns, resulting in breathtaking pieces that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest.

Whether you're looking for a statement piece of jewelry or a stunning work of art, Haley's creations are sure to impress. Her dedication to her craft and passion for glass art is evident in every piece she creates, and she looks forward to sharing her work with the world.